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Cocaine Parties- The Star Room Boys

When a friend first passed me one of their albums five or six years ago, I was thrilled to hear them and at the same time bummed to know that I’d probably never get the chance to see them live since the band disbanded before I even knew they existed.

Fast forward to 2011.  Little Kings.  Athens, GA.  Americana Festival.  I’d been there since about 5:00 and decided to wander inside and see “one more band” before I took myself home to get some dinner.  Through most of the set, I knew I’d heard the voice before and about midway through it finally struck me that they sounded exactly like The Star Room Boys.  I chalked it up to coincidence until the last song of the night when there was no denying I’d actually got to see/hear a band I never thought I”d get to see. He doesn’t go by the Star Room Boys monkier anymore, but I was sure thrilled to hear Dave Marr this evening.


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